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Grill bar Campo - Meat match

Next to the football stadium in Štinjan, where the club has been since 1933, is the Grill bar Campo. Inspired by the football tradition of Istria, this place exudes a sporting spirit, but also exceptional food based on a wooden grill. We visited Campo almost unprepared for superhuman efforts in conquering gastronomic heights, but we still successfully overcame obstacles in the form of huge amounts of extremely high-quality meat and deliciously prepared food!

The beautiful atmosphere and very pleasant staff become even closer to our tastes with great homemade brandy and liqueurs that they are especially proud of at the Camp. The play was good, but the real game starts with a rich appetizer. Behind the Štinjan snack are homemade Istrian prosciutto, ombolo, boškarin salami, kajmak (a mixture of young and mature ones), sheep cheese and olives, and we also tried the Urnebes sauce (ripe kajmak, young kajmak, feta cheese cream with hot crushed peppers). and Campo sauce with homemade tartar that came as a special greeting from the kitchen. Along with that comes a bun cut into sticks, from the grill. For the restaurant, the owners buy homemade buns that go on the grill and oil and Vegeta over them.

We dip a bun enriched with peppers in phenomenal sauces, and enjoy the mild flavours of ombola, rich prosciutto and shiny sheep cheese a year old, peppery boškarin salami and as a surprise on the plate here is smokey bacon with a mild aroma and mild taste. In addition, we try out what is on offer. Apart from the rich wine list, mostly from Istria, and with excellent open wines from the Medea winery and from Franc Arman, there is also a nice offer of craft beers, among which preference should be given to Istrian ones. Campagnola and Fabrika are leading breweries that offer refreshing breaks among meat delicacies.

After half time, they started a serious match with the leading specialities of the Camp. Pork ribs are baked for four hours in the oven in their own sauce, covered with foil. When taken out of the oven, they are boned, and 400 grams of pure meat is placed on the grill and coated with a food processor. It is a coating based on soy sauce in which honey and mustard are put. Then they are baked on the grill and extremely soft meat is created that melts in your mouth. This almost comes as a dessert because the sauce gives the meat sweetness, with additional aromas of charcoal, which makes guests lick their fingers, mostly because they stay sticky from this great combination of meat and sauce!

Another speciality at the Campo is Štinjanska kopačka. The base is made of 100% beef and is filled with cheese and prosciutto cut into pieces, and covered with chicken fillet. And this is a huge portion that comes with a ball of kajmak. Served everything with baked potatoes and a bun. These two dishes are very popular among the people of Pula, while other guests like to try other classic grilled dishes. Along with all this, the Shopska salad goes well, which is served without onions in the Campo, and extremely prepared guests can also enjoy the rich Campo salad. All these meat delicacies are based on meat that arrives fresh every day in a restaurant from local butchers.

With pleasant flavours and conversation that you can watch on our Youtube channel, the finale consists of Campo pancakes, three homemade pancakes that roll into one, which arrive in layers filled with jam, walnuts in milk and Nutella. We also tried Lava cake with a scoop of ice cream, although we were already a little tired in the game and looking towards the end. Campo proved to be one of the best barbecues we have tried in the whole of Croatia, with innovative cuisine and great ideas from the owners!

Grill bar Campo

Fortin street 21, 52100 Pula




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