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Kingly beer in the royal town

In Knin, Tomislav Jurčević created a beer reserved only for kings! Knin beer proudly bears the name Kraljevsko pivo (Kingly Beer) because it is located, as the name suggests, in the royal city of Knin. Under the mighty Knin fortress, in the very core of the old Dalmatian town and opposite the church of St. Anthony, the first craft brewery was opened in 2018, and from 2021 it offers the people of Knin and their visitors the pleasure of Pilsner and Pale Ale.

While the summer heat hits with familiar force, we taste the Knin beer and talk to the owner in his newly decorated tasting room. On the high wooden tables, we admire the carvings that offer views of the Knin fortress and the city itself at its foot, the work of Mrs. Jurčević, who arranged the rest of the interior details in her spare time, when she is not saving lives in the Knin Emergency Department. And although the clock on the wall interprets that every hour is good for drinking beer, ER doesn't have work here because it's still a select audience that appreciates every drop.

About Pilsner, Tomislav says that it is a drinkable beer with a perfect balance of freshness and bitterness, and 4.7% alcohol. Its unique taste of freshness is given by the natural spring water of the river Krka, which is born on the slopes of Croatia's highest mountain, Dinara, deep in the Dalmatian hinterland, from where the Croatian king Dmitar Zvonimir ruled in the 11th century, in whose honour this beer is named Kraljevsko. The beer is well received, it is served in leading Knin restaurants and in the nearby and very elegantly decorated Pub.

Pale Ale is a beer with a striking aroma and bitterness that leaves a pleasant feeling in the mouth long after the last sip, with 5.3% alcohol. The exceptional beer is loved by real craft beer lovers, who may not be that many in Knin, but who will always use up all their Ale stocks. Tomislav reveals to us that in the fall he plans to make a Pale Ale according to his taste, which will be somewhat stronger and richer in flavour.

Tomislav taught himself brewing after being encouraged by his brother-in-law in Pleternica, who runs the artisanal brewery Franc. After several attempts, he proved to be a very successful brewer, and his desire to promote his city brought him the acceptance and encouragement of the city administration and the people of Knin themselves. Proud of the royal city that now has an additional story to be known for. And that pride is international, because more and more foreigners stop by the tasting room on their way to discover the Dalmatian Zagora.

The promotion of Knin beer, which is managed by Tomislav's daughter Anamaria, also contributes to an excellent label on which there is a stylized king Dmitar Zvonimir, the sights of Knin, but also the Glagolitic script. "Hrvatska kronika" tells about Zvonimir: "And for the good king Zvonimir, the whole country was happy, because there was a lot of every good thing and the cities were full of silver and gold". We are sure that some medieval beer also contributed to the joy, and therefore Knin beer is in a way a continuation of that joy. From five tanks, 1,500 to 2,000 liters of Pilsner and Pale Ale are filled every month, to the delight of beer drinkers, and everyone is welcome to have a glass or two at the following address:

Knin beer

Franjevacki trg 5, Knin

Tomislav Jurčević | 097 673 9063

Anamaria Jurčević | 095 890 0925


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