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New Wine Cellar of Josip Galić

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

The new wine cellar Josip Galić opened on the 10th anniversary of his winery in Kutjevo. In 2007, he bought 40,000 vines at 6.5ha and next year he opened the winery. Today, vines grow on 60ha and grapes are purchased from another 10 ha. Here, 330,000 bottles of wine are bottled annually.

The new two-storey winery, designed by architects Tomislav Čurković and Zoran Zidarić, is an investment worth 30 million kuna, of which a third would be financed from European funds and a further 17 million was invested for the winery equipment.

Large wooden barrels with glass for fermentation control, 3300 litres wooden barrels for wine draining, 330l for vinjak brandy, and concrete cones for future wine maceration, stainless steel tanks, then Bacchus3, vinifies, tanks and presses, are all to be found in new basement.

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