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St. Martin's Day in Feravino

On St. Martin's Day young wine is baptised. “Your are not must anymore, but wine” said the “bishop” surrounded by altar boys, godfathers and tamburica players. This is a jolly St. Martin tradition in Hrvatsko Zagorje, Prigorje, Međimurje and Slovenia, but now it becomes popular in Slavonia too.

In Red Wine Bar in Zagreb and in Stari podrum in Feričanci, the Slavonian wine producer Feravino celebrated St Martin’s Day and announced its wines in 2019. “We are happy to announce wines of 2019 and bottling new sparkling wine Grasecco and Francesca which had its premiere this year”, said Luka Varga, one of CEOS of Osilovac, a company within which Feravino works.

With Slavonian specialties and tamburica songs, St. Martin was celebrated in Feričanci until dawn and the old cellar of Feravino was open for every wine fans. St. Martin wasn’t the only reason for celebration. Last week Graševina was picked for a special harvest in the Makloševac wineyard, built in 1989.

“The weather conditions were ideal. Grape is of very good quality, dry and very warm autumn and high temperatures, not usual for this time of the year, have us wonderful raw material with promising potential. We expect high sugars and top quality predicate wine. Feravino already traditionally makes predicate wines of all categories”, says Ivan Maričić, CEO of Osilovac, and adds that in this winery they are extremely proud of ice harvest of Frankovka 2016, produces in a limited series.


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