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Champion Kulenova Seka

In Istrian Sveti Petar u Šumi, a national evaluation of sausages and salami was held, to which 123 samples of sausages and salami of the highest quality from all parts of Croatia, but also from neighbouring Slovenia, were registered.

Belje presented itself with his Kulenova Seka Black Slavonian. "For the first time, we sent Kulenova Seka Crna Slavonska for evaluation in Sveti Petar u Šumi and won the championship title," points out Mirabela Opančar, head of the production of dried meat sausages and bacon in Belje. "Although we are one of the largest producers of traditional delicacies in Croatia, everything is done in the traditional way in Belje, with a lot of manual work. We have our own production of delicacies from our black Slavonian pigs in the Kopački rit Nature Park, so we control the entire process from the highest quality raw materials to traditional smoking on beech wood. We are proud of this award because with it we break down barriers between large and small producers. ", concludes Opančar.

"The evaluation of sausages and salami is part of our large project "With sausage to Europe", which we launched ten years ago and in which we built a Croatian sausage house or locally called Sausage House, which has a sensory laboratory and a hall dedicated to for quality assessments of sausages and salami. Through all our projects, we emphasize the importance of sausages in Croatian gastronomy and the importance of their further promotion, "said Mario Bratulić, mayor.

There are many similarities that characterize Kulen's Seka and Baranja Kulen, and the most important link in the handmade production of the best parts of pork and selected red ground pepper, which gives a special taste and light spiciness to these delicacies. Kulen's cut is also characteristic in its shape, so unlike Kulen, it is longer and narrower with a regular narrower diameter. Kulen Seka is smoked in natural smoke and matured under controlled conditions and is packed in a bag that preserves its freshness and taste.

Photos: Belje


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