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Festival of Plešivica sparkling wine and strawberries

In Plešivica, the strongest Croatian wine region in terms of sparkling wine production, on May 25 and 26, 2024, the Sparkling Wine and Strawberry Festival was held. Plešivica wineries have opened cellars for tasting sparkling wine and strawberries and other wines and dishes. This year the following wineries participated: Dobra berba, Gregorić, Ivančić Griffin, Ivančić Winery, Jagunić, Kolarić Coletti, Korak, Kurtalj, Sirovica, Šember Tomac $ Bajda, Braje, OPG Damir Gregorić and Režek. Strawberries were taken care of by the Association of Strawberry Producers of the Zagreb County "Strawberry Ring".

Among the participants of this year's manifestation was the winery TOMAC & BAJDA, which was created on April 24, 1982, by the marriage of Tomo (Tomac) and Zvonimira (Bajda). Tomo Tomac, engineer by profession, mechanical engineering, former employee of INA Naftaplina, now retired, comes from the famous winegrowing family TOMAC from Donja Reka, "married" his wife Zvonimira, prof. special education. They live and work with their sons Lovro and Luka, in the family house "VILA BARICA", in Jastrebarsko. In both families (Tomci and Bajdi) there was a centuries-old tradition of agricultural production: farming, livestock, viticulture, winemaking (several generations).

In 1988, animal husbandry was abandoned and the family dedicated itself to viticulture and winemaking in addition to farming. Production is increasing by planting new plantations, and a small cellar with a wine tasting room was built. Since 1990, wine has been bottled under the Tomac & Bajda label. These are a mixture of varieties ("Vila Barica"), Sylvaner, Rheinish Riesling, Sauvignon and sparkling wine, (classical method) "TomBa".

The family is engaged in traditional, natural and ecologically sustainable viticulture and winemaking. They are already in the transition period of organic production for the fourth year, and should receive an eco-certificate this year!

They started producing sparkling wines in the early nineties, thanks to the late engineer Franjo Jambrović (our professor), the Club of Friends of Good Wine (founded in 1984), which was active in Plešivica at that time, as well as to the late brother Zvonimir Tomac.

The sparkling wines are: TOMBA extra brut: 50% green sylvanac - 50% blend of varieties from an 80-year-old vineyard. aged on yeasts for four years, TOMBA brut: 50% Rhenish Riesling - 50% mixed varieties. aged on yeasts for one year! (transitional period of eco-production and TOMBA extra sec: 50% green sylvanac - 50% mixture of varieties from an 80-year-old vineyard. aged on yeasts for five years.

Photos: Marko Čolić


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