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Eco-Tale at the Rendulić Farm

Family Rendulić is famous in Josipdol and Modruš for agriculture, water mill, and sawmill for almost 250 years. Their estate is situated in water rich area of Josipdol, blessed by the quality and pure ground for ecological agriculture. Whole family is in this business, as well as the love for the clean and fresh Lika food, respected by generations.

We have found the owners of the Modruš-Eko estate picking potatoes on a nearby field. It is the potato season and the whole family is harvesting Lika’s staple food. Quick talk and photo session brings us closer to people who live from the land. They say the eco-production is self-evident in this clean nature.

The first eco-certified product is garlic, but soon Rendulić family has developed interest for potato, integral flour, old bean sorts, and especially spelt flour, made from spelt, dinkel wheat or hulled wheat, historically one of the most important staple in Europe. Everything is additionally packed in a very pleasable way, featuring the eco-production.

But the Rendulićs’ efforts do not stop here. They are more than happy to help others in making their agriculture ecologically sustainable, or to run effectively their farms due to the numerous procedures and documentations requested by the European laws. Among the advices is also how to register a watermill, excellent way to use the water power for making eco-foods.

The family has their own watermill, a habit preserved by generations and upgraded by the current Rendulićs. We left the family to take care of their potatoes, and visited the father Rendulić who showed us where the garlic is being dried and how the watermill works. The richness of water in Josipdol and Modruš is blessing of the nature in more karstic and water-thirsty area.

Homeowner’s dog (Croatian shepherd) and ducks greet us while we are exploring a small water paradise hidden from the nearby road. Indeed, this can be easily turned into a beautiful agritourism, and we wish to hear more good news from the Rendulić farm!

OPG Rendulić Modruški Salopeki 67, 47303 Josipdol Tel: 047/551-016 Mob: +385914691994 Mail: Web:



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