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Kalelarga with a new image

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Numerous journalists gathered in the restaurant Kalelarga in Zagreb’s Ravnice neighbourhood to introduce new offerings of this famous restaurant, which was once run by Ivan Zuanović, who was known for lamb specialties. New owner Željko Čiček is famous for restaurants Calypso in Novalja, European House and Club Zagrepčani, and also the slowfood place Walking Wok in Jordanovac and during summer in Novalja on the island of Pag at the restaurant Laguna which is a combination of gin bar and wok & steakhouse and which will be known in future as Kalelarga 2. Now he is trying to dress Kalelarga in a new gastronomic image.

The main chef of the restaurant is Nino Đurina, who built a career in numerous restaurants throughout Croatia, and was the chef of two Swedish ambassadors in Croatia. For this occasion, with his chef's team, he prepared Plate Kalelarga, which consists of octopus salad, stuffed tenderloin, gourmet pljeskavica, deep-fried Adriatic anchovy fillet and wild salmon fillet. They were followed by the specialties of the house: stuffed catfish with carp, ham and cheese, lobster in sauce with tagliatelle, sirloin steak filled with rucola and feta cheese and steak with chilli and honey.

The dishes were followed by the wines of Jakovac: Chardonnay 2017, Graševina 2017, Cuvée 2013 and Traminac 2015. In the otherwise generous Zagreb catering offer, Kalelarga is boasting a new glamor and has great chances to enter the top 100 leading restaurants chosen every year by Abisal and


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